King Kingfood food company was established with the base precursor is strong in mining and processing of natural Salanganes'Nest perennial natural nest on islands in the coastal zone Khanh Hoa Nha Trang in central Vietnam.

Over many years of sustainable development on a brand platform "Nests Kingfood" far outside the capital strength of traditional family experience in mining and processing directly nutritious source of natural magic countryside incense gift, food companies are constantly King Kingfood diversified manufacturing services to offer nutritious values ​​Salanganes'Nest senior natural to man, contributed to nourish health service to the community, enhance the commercial value of Salanganes'Nest long, and aims to dominate the market potential abroad. The premium product line Kingfood Salanganes'Nest now exported to many countries around the world such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, the US, France, Australia international customers' trust.

With the motto: "GOOD QUALITY PRODUCTS, DEDICATED FOR CUSTOMERS" Swallow Nest Kingfood always take customer satisfaction as a measure for its development. Therefore, we guarantee to provide our customers with products and services with the best quality to satisfy customers. Nests products bearing current Kingfood human values and traditional identity of Salanganes'Nest history. Quality and commercial value of the product of Nha Trang in Khanh Hoa Swallow Nest generally leading international standing today, is seen as a companion along with the health of people all over the world everywhere.


* The main product lines Kingfood Salanganes'Nest mining, processing or distribution:

  • The original natural Salanganes'Nest
  • Semi-processed natural Salanganes'Nest
  • Senior Country Nests
  • Processed Nests
  • Moon cake Salanganes'Nest