1. Usage

Using natural Nests:

Everyone, of all ages, all components can be used Salanganes'Nest Kingfood Nha Trang. With the elderly, weak stomach, we can add a thin slice of ginger when cooking to warm the belly for good digestion and better absorption.

- Want to work fast health improvement for efficiency, we should use regular Swallow Nest. Bird's nest soup is particularly recommended regularly every day even a small amount instead of occasionally taking a dosage more, so the amount absorbed into the body will give our best.

- For people with diabetes, we need to note that the dose of brown sugar you use, should pay attention to use of low-energy sugars to ensure good health of the patient.

"Nests should be thoroughly preliminary processing before use"

2. How to clean

Bird's Nest cleaning natural wool original:

- Tools needed:

. Use long tweezers, tweezers very small head, as small as possible for easy pick up, easy to manipulate.

. A fork, use a white porcelain plate to easily identify with the naked eye.

. A cup of water, should use porcelain cups and a bowl of clean water.

. A sieve, size 20 cm in diameter with a small hole just right, do not use too small sieve.

"Using small tweezers to pick up feathers from the nest clean Nest"

- How in particular:

. Step 1: Soak Nest perches in clean filtered water cup, so submerged for about 15 minutes Nest are blossoming into yarn and to the end.

. Step 2: Remove the disc, use tweezers to pick up impurities by little flakes clinging to fibers, separated by the type of impurity embedded into the cup clean water rinse until clean out impurities.

. Step 3: Give the entire nest on the sieve, sieve placed in clean water bath, carefully rinse several times to clean residual impurities. Then drained before being processed.

- Small note:

If not processed immediately cleaned of bird's nest that wants to save it for use down the drain needs to be done carefully, it in your pocket or sealed container and put in freezer for storage. Just keep cool in the refrigerator compartment does not exceed one week, should soon the taste will be more delicious.

3. Recipes

Nutritious Recipes natural Nests:

For Yen to bowl with warm water soak for 10 minutes and then distilled using a water with brown sugar for about 30 minutes until the fiber flakes are blooming, fragrant characteristics. Can add a slice of fresh ginger into a scented easy to use.

"Bring in a water-proof Thố to use"