Nest - Recipes for health and beauty

Oats - are considered ancient treasure bowl to rise only for kings enjoy. Today many nests have appeared in the daily life of people. With the great uses for human health, oats like a precious gift endowed.

Through a lot of research by scientists and nutrition experts showed the world oats really a lot of foods with nutritional value for the human body.

Oats includes two main components are glycol and protein. Part glyco including 7 sugars that the body can easily absorb. Bird's nest in the protein containing 18 amino acids, many of which can not be replaced, but the body can not synthesize. Also contains more than 31 multi-element, trace minerals essential to the body ... .Hiem have a particular food has a lot of good effects on health, such as the oats. Oats easily soluble in water, so the body is easy to absorb.

Eating oats regularly will help strengthen the immune system of the body, improve heart function of liver, lower blood pressure, improve the respiratory system, digestion, increase nutrient absorption, liver and kidney function , eliminate toxins in the blood, arthritis, conditioning sexual function for men.

For women, oats not only nourish the body but also have wonderful effects on the skin thanks to contain threonine is elastine and collagene forming substances to the skin, reduces acne, remove freckles, melasma all, pink skin, slow the aging process, helping to keep the beauty of youth for women. In Bird's nest contains only natural sugars galactose, fat free, suitable for use every day without fear of weight gain. Especially for pregnant women, oats provide nutrients to help reduce fatigue, promote recovery for the mother after birth and provide nutrients to the fetus.

For those who have regular mental work, oats help keep mental clarity, reduce stress and get deep sleep. In the nest contains many trace elements such as Mn, Cu, Zn, Br very useful for the nervous stability, support the concentration and improve memory, absorption of vitamin D.

The elderly, the sick, resistance, poor diet, the very frequent use of oats because oats contain many essential elements to help accelerate the process of recovering the body, increases the appetite and against aging. Especially oats also enhanced renal function, dissolve toxins in the blood, is very suitable for people who regularly use alcohol and tobacco. Eating oats 03 times / week diet is best suited to help the elderly, the sick person full of energy absorption and regeneration of cells in the organs of the body function.

Oats are also particularly good for children suffering from malnutrition, anorexia, quality of sleep night or lung diseases, bronchitis. If using regular oats will help stimulate the baby's digestive system, helping the body healthy child development and immunity, resistance is also significantly improved.

With many uses and health benefits of such nests is truly a precious treasure nutritional products for health care for the whole family.

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