The effects of spirulina What is Japan?

Japanese twist to spirulina rich amino acids, fiber replenishes effects for the elderly, the sick, stable hormones & hormonal, nutritional product is good for everyone, all ages.

What is spirulina?
Spirulina is a type of microorganism species scientific name is Spirulina platensis, twisted filamentous green and can only be observed under a microscope spiral. The naked eye they look like green cotton fibers floating in the water.

1960 a French woman named Dr. Clement has found this effect of spirulina for human health. During a visit to Africa, she noticed the natives here to eat bread made from the fibers picked up at the pool, although very poor lands and rare plants, but people are very healthy and tall.

Through research, scientists have analyzed the nutritional content in spirulina have this: a protein content of 50% to 70%; iron content, carotene, folic acid large; the vitamin essential for the human body are such a high percentage of vitamins B, E, K ..., much like lysine amino acid, threonine, unsaturated fatty acids, high-carbohydrate ratio.

Spirulina rich in amino acids, vitamins
With high nutritional components such, spirulina is actually a very good food for good health. effects of spirulina usually countless.

The activity against free radicals Beta-carotene in spirulina, vitamin E works to prevent premature aging, prevent cancer cells, and the high concentration of minerals such as iron, zinc, manganese, calcium helps support the development of enzymes, positive impact on the rejuvenation of cells.

Nutritional supplements for children who are lazy to eat, failure to thrive due to the essential amino acid, spirulina also stimulates the beneficial bacteria to the intestinal tract, strengthening generate new blood cells. Thus, the effects of spirulina enhances immune and digestive support.

Based on the chemical composition of spirulina, can list the following important effects:

3 effects of spirulina Japan to health
The blood ingredient such as iron, folic acid, B vitamins found in spirulina, very good for people with anemia, pregnancy or surgery patients.
Spirulina is used to support the treatment of cases of hepatitis, liver failure, cholesterol in the blood infection, pancreatitis, impaired vision, statement of specifying spirulina work very well for people with diabetes.
At a certain dosage, the effects of spirulina for human endocrine very good, they increase the amount of hormones, physical conditioning, increase libido in both sexes, there is help women more beautiful skin .
Research is also a lot of other uses of spirulina, and there could be many other benefits that can not be discovered.

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