The value of spirulina What is spirulina?

Spirulina is the botanical species are Dr. French - Clement accidentally discovered in 1960 in the Lake Chad in central Africa during accidental scientific discovery. Clement really feel very shocked to witness the famine lands year-round and barren, but the natives are very healthy and vigorous though they are not done hunting. They only use a blue wheel, taken by a secondary raw material salvaged from the lake. She has picked up distribution calculation and discovered that the Aboriginal cakes called Dihe eating, or is Spirulina.
I. Introduction

Spirulina has the scientific name spirulina algae platensis aka spiruline algae is a form of micro algae green yarn, visually observable only with a microscope, spirulina because fiber is formed by many cells single cell.

Spirulina is a micro algae spirulina is rated as excellent natural food for health, supporting effective treatment of certain gastrointestinal disorders, blood sugar, heart disease, diabetes, anti-aging , strengthen the immune system health ...


Spirulina is a natural food with nutritional value   very high.

II. Source

Spirulina was first discovered in 1960 by French scientist named clemtent accidentally discovered in the 1960s when Lake Chad area in central Africa. Scientists were amazed by Tai where land is barren, arid, famine year-round residents are Aboriginal but here is very robust and healthy, elderly people have very high life expectancy, young children are malnourished at another stark natural conditions and quality of life. When learn, Mrs. Clement discovered their own food to make up this difference.

Accordingly, in the case discolored, or no hunting is residents only use a blue cakes from Lake Chad to be picked up. Through analysis, she discovered this cake is spirulina, an algae belonging to the Oscilatoriales, they Cyanobacteria. From there, there are many scientific studies proving the capabilities of algae siprulina effects.

III. Where distribution

Noni distributed mainly in Asia Pacific and some countries in Europe, America as the US, France outskirts ...

In Vietnam, from 1977, we have focused on the research and application of micro-algae Spirulina, initially successful in some places, such as Vinh Hao, Dak Lak, Dong Nai ... From high-quality raw materials and stable, scientists have successfully produced a number of drugs such as Linavina; Lactogil, Pandan supplements, nutritional powder Enalac; Gelile; ...

IV. Characteristics

Spirulina spirulina algae shaped torsion springs about 5-7 rounds evenly unbranched, approximately 35-50 micrometers diameter helical, helical step 60 micrometers, variable length can reach 0.25 mm. Spirulina many cases bigger size. Algae is intermediate between bacteria and eukaryotic algae. Spirulina is thought that more similar to bacteria, so Spirulina also known as cyanobacteria.

The value of spirulina What is spirulina?

Some uses of spirulina.

Algae have the ability to transport in the form of sliding around their axis. Our transport velocity can reach 5 micron / giay.Tao twisted spirulina production has been studied and applied in many different fields in the   countries in the world and applied research in industry food and cosmetics. Spirulina is additional research on many food products such as pasta, yogurt, candy, tea, biscuits, bread, beer ... These products are sold in the supermarkets of many countries such as Chile, Denmark, Netherlands, USA, Australia, New Zealand ..

Presently, many product lines appear quite natural fresh algae on Vietnam market, which highlights the sun algae, produced in California, USA, a number of products including:

- Algae Spirulina natural sun 360 capsules / bottle 500 grams

- Algae Spirulina sun powder 90 grams

- Algae sun Gold Plus 180 capsules / bottle

- Green Algae purification sun 240 capsules / bottle

Algae solar products useful for the health of people, but this issue will be written in many other articles, hope you catch monitoring.

V. Composition

Spirulina   by the World Health Organization (WHO / OMS) as foods work best health protection for people in the 21st century of spirulina protein source is also managing agencies food and Drug US (FDA) recognized as the best. Protein is the substance has an important role to human health, is the foundation of human life ... Read more here.

Spirulina contains concentrations of nutrients unlike any particle type, any herb or plant. These nutrients include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and trace elements ....

The value of spirulina What is spirulina?

The composition of spirulina been studied in scientific dissertations College of Industrial Economics - Ho Chi Minh City.

The value of spirulina What is spirulina?

Matrix of key components of spirulina spirulina.

The value of spirulina What is spirulina?

Some certificates, awards received Spirulina.

2. Subject and study the: spirulina algae nutrients from natural sources ... Read more here. [Nbsp]

3. Research methods Phycocyanin pure Spirulina powder products and create Phycocyanin - Can Tho University ... Read more here

4.   Results from client feedback using algae.

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